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3D and Game Art

  My main 3D skills are in creating high/low poly game art. As a game artist, I have skills in modeling, texturing, unwrapping and an understanding of rigging and animation. My secondary skills are in game design, incorporating visuals and design to create unique player experiences.


    My knowledge of best practices and production pipelines allows me to manage my time and project management skills to ensure that high-quality assets are created and deadlines are met.




Mummy Martyr

    Mummy Martyr is a game for mobile platforms. My roles in developing the game ranged from game asset creation to game design. Also, I am responsible for all areas of production and project management. Currently, Mummy Martyr is in Beta, a demo for Android devices is available to play. 



Traditional Art and Graphic Design

    From the beginnings of my childhood, traditional art such as drawing and painting have been the foundation to my passion for art. Old school art is an important skill and a dying form of art due to the digital era we live in today. 


    Strong traditional and graphic design skills are the cornerstones of my abilities and talents. Over the years my experience has taught me to understand how to connect with audiences by creating strong visual designs. 

Instructional/Technical Knowledge

    An important part of creating art for any form of media is understanding the technical requirements necessary to achieve the final visual quality of the product. 


   Knowledge, experience and research are skills that are applied in Instructional design. Developing and defining the end learning outcomes that successful students will be able to achieve.



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