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"You will lose your head!" 

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Android Demo (.APK)


    Mummy Martyr is a story of ancient times, a time when a sinister pharaoh has enslaved the land, replacing the God’s monuments with evil mystical statues. Our hero, Marty the Mummy, has been resurrected to destroy the statues, helping free the people from the wicked pharaoh's control. After each statue is destroyed, you are reborn in a new mummified vessel, battling until the dreaded Pharaoh is eviscerated…

Help the Gods! Free the people! And become, Mummy Martyr!



     The game has been created by Finger Fun Games using the Unity game engine. The page beneath showcases gameplay, design, assets, and potential branding. Currently, the game is still in development, yet it will be available for all devices soon.







Game Design


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